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Monday, October 12, 2009

Lee Pei Fen 李佩芬 - Getai 歌台

Lee Pei Fen 李佩芬 - Getai 歌台 was created to share with those who are interested in Getai show around Singapore and to catch up on past performs.
Lee Pei Fen 李佩芬 - Getai 歌台
Name 姓名: Lee Pei Fen 李佩芬
Age 年龄: 22
Getai Experience 歌台经验: 1993
Occupation 职业: Getai Host 歌台司仪
Extra bits 额外资料: Best Getai Female Singer 最佳歌台女歌手

Description: Lee Pei Fen started singing at getai at age 6. By the time she turned 10, she was singing like a pro. The born performer hit it off effortlessly with young and older getai audiences. The audiences loved her and they chuckled and clapped at her jokes.

Pei Fen has been a getai fan since she was three years old. She recalled how she used to sit on the stage and sing along with the older singers. Sometimes, they would invite her to sing with them on stage. Soon, she received invites from getai organisers to sing at their getais.

That was how she started her getai singing career 15 years ago.

Congratulations to Lee Pei Fen 李佩芬 for winning:

♪ 2007 ♪
2007 STOMP Getai People's Choice Top 10 Award
2007 STOMP 第-届 歌台大奖 十大民选最受欢迎艺人奖

♪ 2008 ♪
2008 STOMP Getai People's Choice Top 10 Award
2008 STOMP 第二届 歌台大奖 十大民选最受欢迎艺人奖

♪ 2009 ♪
2009 STOMP Getai People's Choice Top 10 Award
2009 STOMP 第三届 歌台大奖 十大民选最受欢迎艺人奖

2009 STOMP Getai Best Female Singer Award
2009 STOMP 歌台大奖 最佳女歌手奖

2009 Shin Min Getai Top 10 Most Popular Personality Award
2009 新明歌台大奖 - 最受欢迎10大歌手奖

2009 Lianhe Wanbao Top 10 Most Popular Getai Personality
2009 联合晚报十大歌台人气王奖

Thank you to all who had voted for her (∩_∩)!!

NB: If there are any error in the above mention profile, please Email me for any changes.

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